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Who we are ?

DrolMaa is a family of female mental health practitioners which includes Psychologists, Therapists,...

What we do?

We provide Counselling services to all sorts of psychological problems from stress, anxiety to clinical disorders like...

Birth of DrolMaa

DrolMaa Constellation is founded by Nikita Tibrewal in 2020 when the whole world became a chaos due to covid-19,...

Why DrolMaa?

Multidisciplinary Team: Having different experts with varied approaches • Unique Therapies: From 100% working with...

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Let’s dive into the Ocean of Knowledge

Here, you can discover the treasure of books, research papers, journals, manuals, dictionaries, encyclopedias, workbooks, worksheets, self-help novels and many more.

One App, One step and billion-dollar smile

Real-time mental health coaching, hands-on booking, video-integrated therapeutic sessions, tailor made activities, portable access to Psychology & mental health resources & materials.

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